If you're looking to maximise the potential of your building plot, existing building or heritage building, then Raise Architects can help. We love using the power of good design to add value, solve tricky problems and deliver delightful buildings that work for you.

We are Raise, a team of architects with offices in Chester, Bristol and Sherborne serving each of these local markets. We're on a mission to use our design skills to make a difference by getting the most out of existing buildings or creating something new.

We work for residential clients, independent local businesses and estate owners.

If you are a professional client looking for an effective design team or if you are a first-time client looking for guidance and support through the design and construction process, then we could be just what you need.  

"Call Raise Architects, or better still go and knock on the door unannounced. Nothing allows you to get the measure of a business or a person better than this."
Heywood Milton - client.


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How we can help you

We offer a complete architectural and interiors service from inception to completion. 

This could involve feasibility or masterplanning studies, followed by concept design, statutory approvals, technical design, contractor procurement, through to management on-site. We will tailor our input to suit your particular project and requirements.

Working to an agreed programme, we will work with you to develop the budget and ensure that the equation connecting what you want from your project with what you want to pay for it is resolved.

"The biggest thing was that you listened and then you went away and came up with ideas. I am a great a believer in working with people who listen to you. "
Mike Hiscock - client.


The practice was set up by Andy Foster in 2004 in his home town of Chester. Soon after Randal Turner joined and together they have developed the practice and its talented design team with a strong reputation for delivering difficult, sensitive and complex projects which require considerable thought and care to resolve.

2017 will be a big year for Raise with the practice being renamed, the opening of a new office in Bristol and a re-location to Sherborne.

"I have recommended you to friends partly because you saw things differently from other people. Plus the reliability side of things and the attention to detail was fantastic."
Lucy Bureau - client.


Are you looking for an architect who will deliver what you want or one who will give you something more, something that hadn't occurred to you?

In truth, most clients want both and the way to achieve them is to see design as a process of curious exploration. This will involve a team approach with client, architect and others working collaboratively to assess potential and consider options. The result will be a solution that isn't imposed but will evolve through shared ownership of the project.

"I was impressed by the professionalism of the work, by the thought and creativity that had gone into the designs. I also wanted a firm that wasn't too small and had the back up of a team. "
Luke Montagu - client.

Attracting and nurturing talented people is key to the success of Raise. Our relatively small size and breadth of projects allows us to provide across the board experience for younger architects and this is key to attaining chartered status.

It is on our interests to develop our teams as quickly as possible and we 

We support those aspiring to be architects through local school work experience, summer placements and internships. 

This year we will hold our first summer school for children focusing on drawing and making.


We are  the places where we live and work