Adam Richardson

Project Architect

+44 (0)1244 343772


At Andy Foster Architects, we’ve been fortunate in attracting some really talented individuals to the practice over the years. We’ve been able to do this because we work in places that people want to live and work and because we can provide across the board opportunities and experience.

This is particularly attractive to younger architects and those on the way to chartered status. We have a particularly good track record of getting people through their professional qualification as fast as possible.

In an ideal world we prefer to take on people that we already know, so if you’re interested in joining us why not see if you can find creative ways of connecting with us. We’re out and about doing stuff so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

We are particularly keen on developing a mentoring programme with students studying architecture which will include holiday internships and term-time mentoring. We think we can help young architects get up to speed really quickly.