Andy Foster Architects

We’re set up as a design studio. We all work around one big table in each of our offices. We are only architects, we don’t have any support staff. We all muck-in and share the tasks of running the office. We use freelancers and consultants to do the bits that we can’t or don’t want to do.

We employ bright young architects. We are approachable and personable and we work a lot with lay clients. We are committed to good design and doing a good job and we know that design is a business. We are ‘non-corporate' but we are professional and focused.

We only do design work. We win a lot of work through local reputation and referrals. We avoid speculative work and we don’t chase the commercial bottom end. We are involved in a lot of local/community initiatives, and we instigate some of them.

We work across Cheshire, the Wirral and North Wales from our Chester office. We work across Somerset and Dorset and in to South Wales from our Bristol and Sherborne offices.