9 Favourite Documentaries on Place, Design & Doing Good Work

Everybody watches TV. What we choose to watch can give an insight into the types of people we are. With three new faces in the office this month, we thought it would be interesting to share a bit about ourselves by discussing our favourite documentaries. We were right. Here's what we came up with:

Tribe - Bruce Parry
"I chose Tribe because it explores the different cultures of remote communities around the world and celebrates the differences and sometimes surprising similarities between our way of life and theirs. Bruce Parry jumps in head first and gets himself in some unbelievably uncomfortable / entertaining situations, and there are also some beautiful shots of the amazing places where these tribes live" - Chloe

What do artists do all day? - Norman Ackroyd
"This series takes you inside the world of a number of artists, showing you their daily routine and a bit about their way of life. I particularly like this episode because Norman's chosen medium requires him to work slowly and meticulously. This is reflected in the powerful images he creates, but is also reflected on his way of life which has become calm, slow and peaceful. All of that aside, there is something enormously satisfying about watching somebody with so much skill go about their craft." - Anja

From Russia to Iran: Crossing Wild Frontiers
"Levison Wood travels through the amazing scenery of the Caucasus mountains and the series gives an interesting insight into how secretive and controlling the Russian government still are, even in some of the most remote villages" - Liam

In search of Wabi Sabi - Marcel Theroux
"A really understated exploration of an interesting concept, and an insight into a completely different culture and way of appreciating things. It's a great story about somebody setting out to find something that he knows is impossible, but he does it anyway. It's all about the journey (...man!)" - David

Deep Dive - IDEO
"This film from 1998 remains a really powerful example of collaborative working and what IDEO would later term 'human-centered design'. Much inspiration for designers of all kinds and anyone that values the team more than they value themselves" - Andy

Full Circle with Michael Palin
"Is it the best documentary series ever? Probably not. Is it the best looking or most informative travel documentary? Definitely not. But I grew up watching it and even though the world has moved on a lot since it was filmed, it provides a snapshot of a period in time - and for me, is a reminder of being very little and the world seeming very big." - Adam

Ways of Seeing - John Berger
"Ways of Seeing is a four-part documentary  about art history. The book of the series was one of the first that we had to read at University. Simply put, It taught me to look at the world differently". - Randal

Chef's Table
"Each episode is like a requiem about the Chef. They make you want to go to the restaurant, eat their food and devote your life to one purpose." - Alice

Planet Earth II - Cities
"I could listen to David Attenborough’s voice for hours. To choose my favourite episode of Planet Earth is difficult but the most recent series about Cities was very interesting. To observe the impact of man on the natural habitats of animals is fascinating." - Julia