Raise Review 2017

Back in October 2016, we invited a select group of friends (who also happen to be brilliant business people) to meet us in Bristol to discuss our future. We described the trajectory we saw for ourselves, and the group (which we now refer to as The Bristol Collective) helped to shape our ambitions and provided useful insights into how we might go about achieving it. 

This is The Bristol Collective:

Sonja Jefferson   Valuable Content

Sonja Jefferson
Valuable Content

Pete Hollins   Libero

Pete Hollins

Sharon Tanton   Valuable Content

Sharon Tanton
Valuable Content

Alice Elliott   Murmurations

Alice Elliott

Fast forward to November 2017 and once again we invited the collective back to Bristol to review progress and reset our direction. It was a brilliant night, catered for by the lovely folk at Flow Bristol, and just as insightful as the previous year. 


Prior to the event, we circulated a summary document to the Collective and we'd like to share that with you too. It's been a big year for us and we're proud of what we've achieved to date.